NFT Marketplace
Under development, coming soon.
Orange Grove is developing a unique NFT marketplace that supports all types of digital art from video and images to audio files and more.
More than a place to buy and sell, it's designed to allow you to collect artwork, follow your favorite creators, create unique collections, connect with fans, and much more.
Here's a sneak peek at what we're working on. It's subject to change without prior notice based on community feedback and our own internal prioritization schedule.
    Follow creators
      Follow collections of creators (don’t have to follow the creator)
    Make a profile
      Description of yourself
      Change layouts for how artwork is displayed on profile
      Create collections
      Display image
    Mint an NFT
      Different formats (audio, video, image, etc.)
      Name of artwork
      Description of artwork/story
      Status (auction or fixed price)
        If auction, then the start time, starting price, reserve price
    Organize collections (for both creators and buyers)
      Name of collection
      Cover image of collection
      Collection description
      Option to buy entire collection or auction it
        Set the price of the collection even if individual items have their own prices
      Sharing buttons
      Public and private collections
    Search search based on multiple criteria
    Much more
Please note: We'll create individual pages that cover each of the features shown here as development progresses and this outline is subject to change over time.
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