Fair Launch, limited presale cap, and no pre-mint of GROVEOJ
Farming/staking will start at block X. You can view the block countdown.
    Farming Start Block: #8405064​
    Estimated Target Date: Fri Jun 18 2021 14:20:02 GMT+0100 (West Africa Standard Time)
    Limited presale
    PancakeSwap liquidity V2 will be added at the farming start for OJ by the team
    Emission Rate: 0.5 GROVEOJ/block
Before farming starts, you can deposit your tokens to any farms or pools in advance. But there will be no farming rewards until the start.
The dev team will only mine 10,000,000 GROVE for presale, liquidity pools, and initial public sale. 1,000 GROVEOJ will be mined beforehand for initial liquidity.
There is only a limited presale. You can only buy GROVE tokens after the presale. The dev team will add GROVE-BUSD, GROVE-BNB liquidities on PancakeSwap right at the farming start.
Of the initial supply:
    42% will be made available at the presale.
    24.5% will be locked in liquidity forever by adding it to the black hole address
    12% locked by contract for dev team
    8.25% for staking rewards
    8.25% for NFT staking rewards
    5% for rewards and competitions
    Keep in mind that every transaction has a 3% automated liquidity add.
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